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We have taken third party existing script and customize the design theme templates as per customer needs. We customized the script as well as per customer requirements. From this website you can personalize the wedding card how you need. They provide exclusive existing wedding design templates. We can personalize our information from existing templates. Also

Read more... is a unified online test platform for students and competitive exams aspirants (UPSC, TNPSC, etc). It is designed to provide creative notes and practice tests for students/aspirants to improve their knowledge and problem solving skills. Salient Features: 1. Timer Driven Objective Type Questions to quantify time 2. Creative Pictures to Visualize Important Concepts (Algebra,


Recently we have done application email notification alert Job for our clients and delivered success. Email notification to the user for each and every resource added by user or faculty or admin depends upon user’s requirements (more than 150 open options) and frequency (i.e daily or weekly or monthly). The cron job should send a


VoiceHerd is a mobile app which enables users to connect peer to peer. It’s fast and easy to create an account – find friends via email and phone contacts. Herds(Events) can be on any topic – local, national or international, it’s easy to search using the app. VoiceHerd has a messaging capability 1. Chat room


We have successfully done and got a good result from our clients about Sentiment Analysis for twitter,bing, youtube,google news and facebook. If some one post or tweet about our site in social network, it will all show tweet, news, video and tags. For example, do people on Twitter think that Chinese food in San Francisco


Recently we did PDF generation task and delivered at before the deadline. The Clients are very happy to see the PDF result and the time of being work. Actually, it stores all the student survey information to the database. We fetch the student survey information to split the category wise and show the graphical percentage.


Actually, his website has Paypal issue like could not able to return back to the website as well the points earned are not updated on the database. It’s simple fix but the little challenging to find the issue and fixed on timing. George Koulouridhs told about our service like, 17-12-2014 I bought her service’s… I


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Tutor and Student Booking Lessons System

Recently we have done Booking system between Tutor and Students. Register and login for both tutor and students. Tutor have add lessons and rates of hourly. Also, they have entered availability in the calendar for Students view. Students have a point system for offered the lessons. They able to check tutor availability from the calender.


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