SecureNext IT Solutions is world class with over 100 programmers, designers, graphic artists, and more. For the last 14 years, we have learned how difficult it can be to outsource IT services and web development. Language barriers and working across time zones are two such challenges that must be addressed in order to have a successful relationship. Over the past eight years, we have worked hard to address those challenges in order to provide superior service to our clients at a price that represents a great value. According to our clients, there are several reasons that we stand apart from the competition.

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Most of our business comes from referrals and repeat business:

Repeat business and referrals are what provide us a secure base in order to continue to grow and improve our business. We appreciate the rapid pace of business in the world today and know that “time to market” is of paramount concern to most of our clients. Speed and reliability are the backbone of our business. Making sure projects are completed on time, and on-budget are our priorities. Delivering results that exceed our client’s expectations is a strategy that has served us well.

Project management processes and development methodologies:

We have developed a very efficient system for taking a client from the bidding process all the way through sign off of the last stage of project completion. We provide clients with a “road map” for each project. This provides accountability on both sides. Clients will be able to review the progress on our part as well as monitor their own staff’s role in making the process move forward progressively.
Every client is assigned a project manager to communicate with. All SecureNext programmers are fluent in English, have a minimum of three years of coding experience, and have completed the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in computer science or software engineering. In addition to the above requirements, all project managers also have extensive experience working with outsourced projects. The role of the project manager is to interface with the client and their IT staff and/or consultants and our team. The project manager will provide clients with detailed reports on progress and monitor whether feedback from clients is being immediately implemented by our team. They will make sure every part of the build process takes place efficiently, accurately and promptly.

Years of experience to fall back on:

From day one, we have only taken on projects that we have been sure we can complete. We don’t learn on our client’s dime. By taking on only those projects we have experience with and are sure we can complete, we have been able to consistently earn our client’s trust to the point where many of them have chosen to work with SecureNext exclusively. Additionally, many of them have referred additional business to us over the years.

SecureNext is an American and Indian company:

SecureNext has made every attempt to implement American business practices and expectations into what we do. The result is an Indian company that understands American expectations. The result is a company that tries to cater to the needs of our clients in every way. Management is located in India as well as the United States so that there is somebody available to work through client issues as they come up. The result of this approach has been the creation of a customer-centric organization that aims to exceed our client’s expectations.

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