Sources of ideas for your blog

Sources of ideas for your blog

Post on: March 30, 2016

For anybody who is engaged in content marketing or is maintaining a blog, they, like most are challenged in finding sources of good ideas to write about.  I for one have been and continue to be challenged by this.

In researching things to write about, I came across some great resources for ideas that I will share.

1.  Write about the questions that you are regularly asked by clients, customers, friends, or family.  A question that you are frequently asked can be the title and your response is the blog post.  For a clothing retailer, a sample question can be what is the most popular style or color of sweater this season?  For an accountant, a sample question could be what is the biggest change in the tax code this coming year?  Your answer to these types of questions within your respective industry is the subject of your blog post.

2.  Google Reader is a web-based news aggregator, capable of reading atom and RSS feeds.  You can subscribe, select the topic or topics of items of interest and Google will show you all of the RSS feeds collected fro what it is that is of interest to you.  There can literally be hundreds of different sources depending upon what you have selected to follow.  This is a good way to also identify trends in whatever is of interest.  When you have identified a topic or trend, write a summary or your opinion of your subject matter.

3.  Use a social media content mining application or sentiment analysis tool to see what is being said on social media about what is of interest to you.  There is software available that enables you to track what is being said by keyword on social media.  The software will listed for keywords that you select that is being discussed in public social media conversations.  The keyword you select to follow can be your company, your brand, a service you provide, a competitor or anything else you would like to follow.  The software will identify and report back a public conversation that contains your keyword(s).  Some software will enable you to join in on the conversation or attempt to summarize the tone of the conversation taking place.  This information can be valuable so you can see how people feel about your topic right now.

I hope you find this information helpful.  I would like to hear your feedback or questions or anything you have to say about this blog post.

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