Why use Ruby on Rails for your company's programming needs?

Ruby on Rails Programming

Ruby On Rails

You may have experienced some common pitfalls associated with software development: a frustrated development team, project delays, and proceeding overbudget. You've may have heard of something called 'Ruby on Rails' or RoR.

10 reasons to consider why you should choose Ruby on Rails for your company's programming needs.

  • Web Sites.

    Rails was developed for Web pages.
  • Ruby.

    The Ruby language is easier than most other programming languages so the ruby rails developer can typically get more done with RoR in less time.
  • ActiveRecord.

    All programming languages have to have a way to link the code to the database called an ORM. Ruby has something called ActiveRecord which is the easiest ORM out there, making this process simpler for the Ruby on Rails programmer.
  • Database support.

    There is built-in database development support for most types of databases.
  • Windows, Mac or Linux.

    With Rails, development can be on Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Fun.

    Developing on Rails can be exciting and very enjoyable. Does this sound like a strange thing to say? Well fun and enjoyable programming makes for happy developers, which can make everyone easier to work with.
  • TDD and Agile Development.

    Rails development uses TDD and Agile Development. TDD is test driven development which means you develop and test and work out any bugs as you go. Agile Development is project management that encourages frequent testing and teamwork. The beauty of this is that when the rails developers are done programming, there is no testing to do. It is done and it all works. With other programming languages, testing after development can take hours and hours to find the bugs and work them out. Sometimes whole systems have to be tossed because the bug just can't be found. Because of TDD, Rails is more efficient. Would you rather have your web developer spend a half day troubleshooting a Rails application, or three months trying to find a bug after developing another application?
  • Open Source.

    Ruby on Rails is called Open Source. That means you just go online and download Rails for free. That also means you don't have to buy expensive software to use Rails. This will save you time and money.
  • Plugins.

    There are always new plugins developed by the Rails community and Ruby on Rails developers love to share what they have learned, which means there are lots of free plugins for the web application developers.
  • Community.

    This leads us to discuss the Rails community. Rails has one of the most active open source communities. Ruby on Rails programmers love to share, communicate, and help. You benefit from all of this idea sharing and it creates a cost savings that all clients appreciate.

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