Should I use .NET for my Programming Needs?

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Are you confused by the different number of programming languages from which to choose from? PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C#, ASP.NET, Java, C++, VB, Python, Perl, and the list goes on. .NET is a Microsoft product that is a safe, reliable way to go for your software development. Here are 6 reasons to consider .NET (called dot net) for your programming needs.

  • Microsoft.

    .NET is a Microsoft product. Microsoft is a very large and established company that is here to stay. You don't have to wonder if you're going to get the upgrades and help you need.
  • Speed.

    .NET applications are compiled. Other applications need to be interpreted and compiled. This makes .NET applications much faster than most others. To achieve the same results with other programs, an accelerator must be installed on the server, and this is rarely the case, as accelerators are expensive. Most of the United States uses Microsoft Windows products. One Windows product to another is the fastest way to go.
  • Language reusability.

    With .NET, you can use C++, VB.NET, C#, Jscript.NET, Python, Perl, Java (J#), COBOL, Delphi and Eiffel. ASP.NET MVC, a fairly recent Microsoft framework that enables developers to easily build great web applications for free, that is fully supported by Microsoft. You can use the language that gives you the control you need as well as mix codes from different projects.
  • Strength of the system.

    If the type of development you are doing is gluing together existing systems or building back end systems, or if your system is likely to grow with people or size, .NET is definitely the development you need.
  • Choice of Development Environments.

    Most programming languages require a development environment to code, test and run the programs. In most cases, you have to buy the software for the development environment you decide to use. With.NET, things are different. ASP.NET is a development technology that is built into.NET. You can create ASP.NET applications with a simple editor like a notepad. If you would rather work in a development environment, then you have many to choose from. Another development environment is Microsoft Web Matrix (which is free and provides most of the features that Visual Studio .NET provides). Microsoft has also released MSDE, which is a free development edition of MS SQL server with all of the features of the full MS SQL server 2000. Visual Studio .NET is offers the following amazing features:
    • From your databases, automatically creates reports and diagrams
    • Lets you see what happens in the application while you debug the code line by line
    • Allows you to test out different scenario by assigning a temporary value to a variable in the middle of an execution
    • You can hover the cursor over variables in your code while debugging, to see what value they have right now
  • Save money.

    People don't expect this. Just a short time ago, .NET was very expensive to buy the software to develop. But now ASP.NET is such a powerful application, that is offered for free (including the code editor, Web server, and FTP client).
  • Community Support.

    Besides the support you get online from Microsoft, with the widespread use of .NET, you have access to a huge level of community support from various website forums and open source libraries. Start with ASP.NET quickstart tutorials

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